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Ha-Rav, Ha-Gaon Rav Yosef Dov Baer Soloveitchik Zt'l

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Welcome to Josh Cypess's hand crafted Rav Zt'l Web Shrine As expected, the shrine is under construction. All I have for now is a pile of links and -- a special treat -- two pictures of the Rav

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On-Line Works of The Rav

  1. Yeshivat Har Etzion's Virtual Beit Midrash
  2. The VBM's Rav Course by Rav Ronnie Ziegler & Archives
  3. 1. Bibliographical Supplement
    2. His Life and Thought, Part 1
    3. His Life and Thought, Part 2
    4. The Community
    5. The Community Part 2
    6. "Majesty and Humility"
    7. "Majesty and Humility" Part 2
    8. "Catharsis," Part 1
    9. Sanctity and the Body - The Catharsis of Physical Existence
    10. Catharsis of the Emotions
    11. The Need for Inwardness
    12. Torah and Humility
    13. Torah and Humility Part 2
    14. Intellect and Experience
    15. The Need for Action
    16. Catharsis of the Intellect and of the Religious Experience
    17. "The Lonely Man of Faith" Part 1 - Presenting the Problem
    18. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 2 - Defining the Two Adams
    19. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 3 - Two Types of Community
    20. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 4 - A Perpetual Dialectic
    21. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 4 - A Perpetual Dialectic
    22. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 5 - The Subversion of Religion
    23. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 6a - The Autonomy of Faith
    24. "The Lonely Man of Faith" (Continuation) Part 6b - The True Challenge Facing the Modern Believer

    1. subscribe!:
    2. questions: rav@etzion.org.il
  4. Shiur by the Rav Zt'l entitled: "Torah & Humility" 1 or go
  1. Mail-Jewish Rav Zt'l page (excellent resources) @shamash.org
    1. Biography of the Rav Zt'l
    2. Bibliography of the Rav Zt'l
    3. Hespedim for the Rav Zt'l (114K!)
    4. Archives
    1. Arnold Lustiger's Shiur Transciptions:
      1. 1992 Teshuva Shiur : The Avoda Recitation and Yom Kippur Tefillah
      2. 1993 Teshuva Shiur: The Significance of the Various Appellations for Yom Kippur
      3. 1994 Teshuva Shiur: The Teshuva Process During the Yamim Nora'im
      4. June 22, 1972 RCA Drasha: Jewish Ethics and the Aseret Hadibrot.
    1. Eitan Fiorino's shiur transcription:
      1. RCA Convention, 1975 drasha introduction: Talmud Torah and Kabalas Ol Malchus Shamayim.
    2. Rachamim Pauli's shiur transcription:
      1. Summary of Rav Soloveitchik Zt'l on Tisha B'Av based on a lecture given by HaRav Aaron Adler.
  2. Josh Rapp's MJ-Ravtorah at Shamash.org
    1. 1996-1998 Archive
    2. Subscribe weekly Rav Torahs on the parsha
  3. 613.org
    1. Rav Soloveichik Notes in an Unapproved and Unedited Form -- vol. 1
    2. Rav Soloveichik Notes in an Unapproved and Unedited Form -- vol. 3
    3. Vol. 3 in Word form (400+k)
    4. Vol. 3 in WP form
  4. Project Genesis Rav Page
    1. Rav Soloveitchik: Leadership (B'ha'alot'kha)
    2. Rav Soloveitchik: Two Chains of Tradition
  5. R' Rakeffet's "Teachings of the Rav" lecture series Summarized by Jonathan Baker

On-Line Resources About the Rav:

  1. Bibliographies
    1. Eli Turkel's Bibliography of the Rav.
      1. English:
      2. Hebrew:
  1. Biographies:
    1. Prof. Eliezer Segal's page on centrist orthodoxy (check out his whole site, very impressive)
    2. American-Israel Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) Bio of the Rav:
  2. Audio Snippets:
    1. 613.org Real Audio snippets of the Rav
  3. Essays on the Rav
    1. Manfred R. Lehmann: Rabbi J. B. Soloveitchik, z"l, 90 Years Old His Father's and Grandfather's Testimony
    2. Harold Schulwiess' on the Rav
    3. Strange Homage to the Rav (SCIENCE MUSINGS Reconciling the 'Adams' of the soul; By Chet Raymo, Globe Staff, 12/22/97; C02. © Copyright 1997 Globe Newspaper Company).

Buying Rav Resources

  1. Books:
    1. Arnold Lustiger's book on the Rav: Before Hashem You Shall Be Purified: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on the Days of Awe(Ohr Publishing, Edison NJ: 1998). A follow-up of Pinhas Peli's On Repentence. The website features snippets from the book! Good action.
    1. Amazon.com's books of the Rav
    2. Barnes & Nobles.com (3 books; they suck)
    3. Border's.com (17 Books!)
    4. Books.com (and odd group of books)
      1. BY:
      2. ABOUT:
  2. Tapes:
    1. Rav tape library catalog (for purchase) at 613.org
    2. Torah Tapes of the Rav sold by Rabbi Milton Nordlicht (in English)
      1. Sample from The Yiddish Voice "The Role of the Rabbi" (5/15/55)
    3. Torah Tapes of the Rav sold by Rabbi Milton Nordlicht (in Yiddish)

Other Rav Pages:

  1. The Rav Archives (of Tony "Eitan" Fiorino, M.D./Ph.D.)
  2. Maimonides' Soloveichik Insitute
    1. Brochure
    2. About the Rav Zt'l

Lefthand picture from the back cover of Halakhic Man (JPS, 1983), righthand picture from back cover of Abraham R. Besdin's Reflections of the Rav volume 2 (Ktav, 1989).

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